Eras must pass. Culture changes to reflect the aspirations and limitations placed on society. Its a reflection of values and needs, dreams and desire, and becomes the font of all ideology. To some extent, and with differing implications, all knowledge and sentiment will flow towards the public void.

How this reflection of desire shapes our futures is a key arena for investigation of anyone who thinks. Be they a self-asserting artist, or like me, someone who resists the ambitions this term creates, reacting against the straightjacket of arrogance the term may imply, the willingness to look back to a similar period of chaos and turmoil when seeking to make some sense of the current environment, fin-de-siecle art and music has proved to be a source of fascination to me and has fuelled my latest project.

A sample of the new album is on Soundcloud now, and I will post the full album and cover, once I know when it has been released.

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