Twitter, the micro-blogging site famous for its brevity and the punchy attitude of many of its cohort, is often at it’s best as a visual distribution system. Ignoring the character limitations, it’s artists and poets fuse image and words into sparkling captions that liberate emotion and a trigger the affective response of followers. Friendships form over the images shared and favoured quotations used to contextualise them. It demonstrates the powerfully eloquent semiotics and encapsulates the elements of digital culture which threaten to overwhelm previous cultural order, democracy included.

This slide show includes images collected from twitter in the last few weeks. Cultivating links with people who share and post photographs and images allowed for a rapid expansion of my follower numbers, but the greatest impact was in the pleasure I found with the time spent on the platform. For all the trolling and aggression demonstrated in the intense political debates triggered by Brexit/Trump/Israel/Syria/Russia, the human social interactions based around the power of digital photography provided sufficient social feedback to compensate for the grief.

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