This kind of question can tip over into sarcasm.  I try to be open, transparent, around the ideas that there are certain subjects that I absolutely and explicitly must not write about. This is not an act of editorial cowardice or self-denial but as a white man of (very distant) Irish descent, I have no place in explaining or exploring or further documenting the experiences of anyone or anything I am not. This is not an unlimited category;  in fact, from a distance, there should be no end of material available for me to write about. My only concern is the film that I left obviously overpopulated, are dry and under stimulating, and given the nature of the contemporary moment, feel completely inappropriate.  Much of the material which is available to me still holds questions, implications, and demands the oversight of a face which is not mine. The act of denial in refusing to write on some subjects is the Direct acknowledgement than my experiences have not been shaped by the essentialist structural societal regard faced I people who did not share my ethnicity or gender. That’s which I can write I have a responsibility not to share. are moments of fear and paranoia are the very forces which shape the populists moment, undercut community, and seek safety to exclusion. This is a moment for voices which are not mine. so what is there left to do? The objects that shape culture have from and imposed this specific technology onto society. The technological moments that accompany the new millennium disrupted personal creativity with the broad implementation digital distribution and reduction of issues of access which sorts on one hand and to enable emerita cratic visibility where I can now follow artists from Nigeria and see films create globally in the comfort of my own home but have heightened the reach and impact of the existing network of contacts that privileged the existing habitus, and restricted access to those not already connected. For instance, social media provides a platform but anyone within accounts to post their thoughts and ideas the images for the creative output and nominally share this on a global basis. the very really starts of Lagos post images and their latest artwork next to the output of photographers from Switzerland and Italy, images of classic Hollywood, and the meanderings of world leaders. however, contacts are Limited and still shaped by the pre-existing network real-world connections, existing Media reputations,  and the flocking instincts that endue.  access to Roles in what’s commonly known as mainstream Media but what might be more accurately turned heritage Media it’s still handed down through generations father to son or aspiring daughter. sibling sister-in-law son of the former prime minister each is a qualification to grant access to a network denied the multitude. 
So to re-engage with my question and moments and return to the specifics of my task what might I write about?  is this a moment for a return turn to the philosophical divisions of the 70s? have I moved beyond my Situationist moment?  maybe. the exciting potential of the current wave a dissatisfaction being articulated through the words and actions of gen Z protesters is exhilarating. only my legs would carry me; if only I didn’t look like the opposition. 
So I am back to Tronti, Eco,  and the political divisions found in Italy in the 1970s!  Why did Umberto Eco spend a number of years and 3 whole books seeking to heal the Rift between continental structuralism and pragmatic philosophical school of the Americas just at the time I’m when post-structuralism was moving away from the simplistic model cause and effect? Why did he further retreat from Barthes and Derrida back to a monastery at the end of the religious period?  The digital moment and the processes of individualization of parents in late period capitalism have shed a light on the automatist School of Italian Marxism.  The global pandemic and the influence this has had in resetting much of the global economy and specifically the economies of Europe had allowed the dreams of isolated academics to populate the countryside with solar farms, free energy and internet connectivity, universal income and new networks of global thought sustained through the power of the webcam. How many of these dreams will be sustained in the period after the pandemic is still open to question? there’s a balance to be struck between the traditions of campus education and a willingness of Higher Education to follow the sex industry into the isolation of the cam. New ways of working we need to accommodate whether we have to technology we to vaccinate society against COVID-19.  The reduction in travel and the opportunities to think are probably the greatest benefits we will see in these dark times.  They have allowed people to see the horror of the police state that is the United States for what it is. next, I hope to see the continuing trend people in their late teens and early 20s being empowered refusing lethargy and replacing bloated quotes politicians gen x. Bring it on.

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